CRhinoGetObject question


I want to use CRhinoGetObject to select points.
I want to auto run next step after selecting points without press Enter or mouse click?
How do I do?

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How is the user indicate they are finished selecting point objects? Normally they would press the key…

I want to reduce mouse clicks in the command scenario. The “get points” step is in a while loop. User can select many times until ready to continue.

At some point, the user must indicate they are finished selecting and want to continue. This is done by ENTER.
Only if you, as the developer of the command, know that for example they always need to select, let’s say, 25 points, you can use GetMultipleObjects like so:

CRhinoGetObject go;
go.GetMultipleObjects(25,25); // min == max: get-object will continue after 25 points were selected