How do I stop running CRhinoGetObject?

I use CRhinoGetObject to get objects.
When I run CRhinoGetObject to get objects again, how can stop last running CRhinoGetObject?

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Can you post the code that is giving you this problem? I don’t quite understand what you mean.
Meanwhile, there is this example:

The “Add” button on a dialog:

Source code:

User clicked “Add” button 2 times.
User do nothing at the first time.
CRhinoGetObject still waiting seclection.
When user clicked “Add” button the second time, I want to stop CRhinoGetObject at the first time.
How can I do?

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Hi Vaker,

Instead of embedding object picking inside of your button code, have your button run commands that run the object picking (instead). For example:

void CTest_Page::OnBnClickedAddbutton()
  RhinoApp().RunScript(L"! AddButtonCommand", 0);

void CTest_Page::OnBnClickedRemovebuttion()
  RhinoApp().RunScript(L"! RemoveButtonCommand", 0);

The “!” will cancel the previous CRhinoGetObject.

You could also disable your UI while picking was running. This way, they couldn’t pick the other button.

– Dale

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Hi Dale,

I use first way to fixed the problem.
Thanks for your help.

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