Creating surfaces (flanges) on curve grid between surfaces

Hello Grashopper Community,

after hours and hours i cant get it right so i hope you guys can help me.

I would love to create flanges based on a curve between my surfaces.
My english isnt that great and im farely new to rhino and grasshopper, but i need to get it done.

I’ve created you guys two pictures.

The old version:

The flenges are on the curve and go straight up. This project was done but then the circumstances changed…

You can select this version by selcting the “green” group on the top right side.

The new version: (NOT DONE YET)

This is what i want to do now. But it is not done yet, cause the flanges have different wides. The goal is to create flenges with the same wide on ALL edges. Then on those flenges i want to create my triangle surface stuff u can see on the pictures. On the picture i backed the flanges, so i hope u guys can bettter understand what i mean.

You can select this version by selcting the “red” group on the right side. You can change the lenght with the slider at the top of the group.

My files:

KM_New.3dm (7.9 MB)
Grasshopper: (257.5 KB)

The files take a few seconds to load. Again im new to Rhino and Grasshopper but i tried my best…

But the main goal is to create those flenges with the same wide (for example 2cm) inside and outside of the whole “sculpture”.

Maybe there is an Addon that can create those thing? I hope u guys can help me.

If you guys gonna help me pls make sure to show the full names in the Grasshopper file. Again, im new…

Thanks a lot.

I guess nobody got an idea. I wonder if its possible at all. :pensive: