Creating surface from 3 curve

Hello every one, i have made too many trials but i could not create a surface like in the picture from those 3 curves. Is there any ideas for me to create that curve. Thank you very much!

Hello- Try: simplify the curves to just 3 curves without the detail at the corners, or six if you bridge across between the ends:

then Patch.


Hi pascal, firstly thank you for your respond, but this surface is not the same with the one o try to create. In this surface it is going upwards at the approximate middle but i try to create like in the pic i have upload, which goes directly downward from the front curve.

Hello - with curves like this then, perhaps-



It seems it worked. Thank you very much!

Even though you’ve got what you want you might find a forum search for “soap film surface” quite interesting.

I will check it out. Thank you!