Creating surface between lines

proyecto6.3dm (6.3 MB)
Hi everyone,

I have a polyline that was exported from c4d, the curve is just one polyline that intercepts itself a lot of times, I manage to find the crosspoint and divide the curve into segments, all this cause im looking to be able to generate a surface in between all of them, like polygons.

Thank you so much for your (11.5 KB)

It will no longer be Grasshopper, but I think the easiest way is to run [CurveBoolean] in Rhino.

Click on the outside and run [PlanarSrf].

Thank you for your reply, but it creates a huge surface, and im looking for a surface between each edges

this image is what I want go achieve, but in all of them.

You can also optionally create curves in all areas.

An example of creating a surface in Grasshopper.

proyecto6_modify.3dm (5.8 MB) (154.0 KB)