Use the link model to create a project stair

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is there a way to create an stair based from the linked model stair geometry?
Something that we can use as a reference to build our project stair.
An idea coming from the revit function called “Copy and Monitor”.
Working from the structural BIM, this will be a timesaver in modelling stairs coming
from the architect linked model.


That would work if there was a stair component. Although the basic trick would be take the line from the link into rhino, then use that same line to do add stair.

Now the question is what would the add stair component look like? Line, type, level inputs?

Here is some information about add stair: Creating Stairs in grasshopper move into revit, Rhino Inside Revit

Hi Scott,

Thank you for the information, in this workflow, it will be like a revit copy monitor process and convert the linked model stair into a live model but of course having a similar profile from the linked model but the type can be defined from the RIR component type. And for those inputs, it will be inherited from the linked model as well.
In structural BIM side, we are only interested on the stair top profile, length and width from the arch model and with regards to stair throat, landing thickness, seismic gap and stair supports, it is the struct who design and drive these and it will be super handy if we automate the process of updating our stair model using the RIR in every time the arch have change their stair model.

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I’ve been seeing some incredible stair fabrication coming from a particular Tekla plugin (there is also a Rhino.Inside.Tekla)

Here is a script that will copy from one document to another, stairs have some particular requirements to do so seamlessly. (6.6 KB)

This seems a good candidate for pulling into Rhino and having Rhino be your detailed modeling location, pushing back into Revit as DirectShapes for simple documentation/coordination if need be.

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Thank you Japhy, yes l found this working thru a direct shape process and mapped the category for stair but it will be super useful if we can add to your script the input for type name so that we can connect the correct stair type inside the revit project. This one is a very good step in setting up a first stair conversion.



You can get and set Stair Types with the Element Type Component.

Thanks Japhy, my one turns red?

I’m not seeing anything coming out of the Elements. What does the red balloon say?

  1. At least one value in SourceElements is a Revit element

Hi Japhy,

Any reason why I got an issue?


Elements list looks empty. Try it by selecting via Graphical Element first.

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Thanks Japhy, it is working now, awesome! except for the element type which is not working but just a minor thing, cheers.
Error - 1. RevitAPI: The type typeId is not valid for at least one of the elements in elementIds.