Creating Singular Geometry to orient onto surface

Hi all im trying to orient my geometry that i made in rhino onto a surface however as the geometry is made up of multiple surfaces i get this result. Is there any way to group all the surfaces so the geometry is set on the points correctly or just orient it properly in any way… thank you

Option A, join all polysurfaces into one single Brep. Your definition should work fine in that case.

If you want your objects as individual parts later on, you need to provide a matching tree structure.

A clean way to do this is by repeating the objects you want to orient as many times as you have divided the surface. If that sounds confusing, check the Modelab Grasshopper primer. It explains all this with nice images and examples.

Instead of Divide Surface you can use the Surface Frames component which has a frame output so no need to find a CP and evaluate the surface …

And for next time, post your file please. (31.7 KB)

Hi Martin thank you for the reply i will give that a shot. As for the files i have attached them if they provide any other options in case (8.9 KB)

module for orient.3dm (16.2 MB) (165.6 KB)

thank you so much just what i wanted! really appreciate it

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Thank you, please click the solution button :slight_smile:


will do :slight_smile:

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