Creating simple 2d blue prints

I have a small side business creating do it yourself plans. I draw the model in Rhino, unroll surfaces, create curves from boarders, and exported to AutoCAD and used AutoCAD to create the “blue prints”. I don’t need 3d-to-2d functionality.

I have a really old copy of AutoCAD I bought years ago (It was old when I bought it) and it’s not getting it done on my new laptop. I can’t get Rhino to behave like AutoCad with regard to line type, shades, title blocks, etc

Can anyone recommend a program for basic 2d blue prints? Don’t want to spring for a new copy of AutoCAD LT when I barely use any of the functionality.

Hi Matt - does Layout in Rhino cover it?


It’s not the page size. It’s the ability to use various line styles, shades, etc. Rhino is very cumbersome and limited in this regard.

Dynamic dimensioning, would be handy.

Though there are some tools in Rhino to get the job done, such hatching, etc. You have control over line size and colors.

You can create a title block to use as a template for your drawings. There are handy “Text fields” which can placed in the title block for model units, date modifier, and filename.
(The exact command escape format cannot be posted on this board. Ha!)

Oddly, in the Layout toolbar, there are commands to hide objects in a particular view: HideInDetail and HideLayersInDetail, which are handy, but scarcely documented.

Rhino could use some love in this area, because we still need to make inspection and assembly drawings.

OK- just in case it is useful, there is this:


Is layout for V4?