Creating Shared parameters - more than one


Is it possible to create more than one shared parameter at the same time or do you need to have a separate component for each parameter.

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the text box would need to be a multiline text box [a list] and it should work, you can also graft the name input if need be.

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That seems to work.

The only thing is that if I wanted to add another parameter then something goes wrong.

I can work around it by disconnecting some of the wires and then plugging them in again. (basically deleting all the once that were create before and recreate all of them again.

Is there a better solution?

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Stepphan, you can right click on any panel and make it multiline data, foregoing the merge.

I believe the issue you are running into is that once the parameter is created it won’t let you create a new one with the same name, if you delete the shared parameter and recreate with the same name its actually considered a new parameter in revit and will lose any of the relationships of the old.

Best practice is to only create them once & if you delete you might as well make a new name as well to avoid confusion in revit.

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