RIR shared parameters not shared


Further to this post, there seems to be some issues with how RIR is creating shared parameters.

Even if a shared parameter file is specified in Revit, RIR creates a quasi shared parameter. It appears under Project Parameters.

But when you look at its properties, it says it is shared.

But looking at the shared parameters, it is not there.

Any idea how this can be fixed so that the parameter is a true shared parameter (defined in an external *txt file)?

Updates to the Shared Parameter component have been added by Eshan to the v1.0 milestones.

@parametricmonkey1 Yes. So Revit keeps the “Shared Parameter” definitions in the Revit model once they are added to the model from the text file. If you have a shared parameter file that does not include a parameter that is in your model, you can select that parameter in the Project Parameters window and “Export” it to the connected shared parameter file. This will add the parameter definition to the text file and you will be able to see it in the Shared Parameters manager window. This is quite common when receiving families with shared parametes from other companies.

RIR creates a temp shared parameter file, creates the parameter, adds to the Revit model and then reconnects the original shared parameter file to the Revit model.

This is primarily to avoid messing up the original shared parameter file.

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Thanks Ehsan. That makes sense. Seems that having the parameter pre-created (if possible) is probably the most robust way to go.


Can you please elaborate on this? would we manually have to export this? or are you suggesting this can also be done through RiR by comparing two opposing parameter lists (txt file v project params)?


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