Creating separate curtains in Kangaroo

I’m having a problem getting curtains to act independently in Kangaroo. Here is a link to a video explaining the questions and the file. I’ve also posted the definition. Thanks ahead of time for any help.

curtain panels (52.8 KB)
Video explaining file/issue


I don’t know if this is still the case, but Kangaroo used to not respect data that is structured as a tree, in the sense of running everything together. Check this:

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You need to graft the input meshes and uncheck the Flatten input option in the Entwine component.

After the output of the solver you can use a Split Tree component to retrieve just the meshes in which are all in the paths {2;*}.

The meshes are output as individual branches but still sticking together since the solver uses a tolerance for anchor points. One thing you can do to circumvent this tolerance problem is move all of the initial meshes a tiny bit away from their original location and in the end move them back. The distance needs to be larger than the tolerance set in the solver.

Sorry I didn’t have the time to watch your entire video.

curtain panels (68.2 KB)


Great, thanks! No worries about the video it’s overkill. I appreciate the help.

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