Does kangaroo work with trees?



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Short question about Kangaroo 2: can the solver output more than one result by using a tree structured input for the goals? (having say 10 branches with 10 separate sets of goals)

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No, the solver integrates all branches into a single, unified simulation. You’d have to run parallel solvers.

(Daniel Piker) #3

Actually to clarify a bit - if your input goals have a tree structure, they all get combined into a single simulation, but the output data will still be structured as the input was.
If the parts of your simulation you want to keep separate are separate in space, this should still allow you to treat them as independent.
Another way that actually does run separate simulations per branch is shown in this scripted example:


uuuh, cool stuff, thanks!
may i ask why doesn’t the official solver work like this?
also, is it my impression or does the zombie kangaroo work a lot faster than the normal one?

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Thanks for the example! I had always assumed each branch was a separate solution OOTB