Kangaroo Tensile Structure - Avoid Combining Goals for Multiple Meshes

Hi everyone,

I am working on a project where I have multiple mesh faces that are connected but unjoined where each face is a separate mesh, and I want to apply Kangaroo to create a tensile structure. The issue is related to the goals/anchor points because all goals are combined and I am not getting multiple tensile structures for each mesh.

I hope someone can give me suggestions on how to solve this.


A hack for such type of task is to displace the multiple meshes into random positions through random vectors and then apply kangaroo forces, after the meshes go through force deformations, bring them back to original positions using the reverse vectors , which you used to displace initial meshes.

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That’s a really clever approach! Nice hack :slight_smile:

The topic below has an example where the meshes are moved away from their initial locations by a value higher than the Kangaroo solver tolerance and moved back after the solver using an Inverse Transform and Transform component.

Creating separate curtains in Kangaroo - Grasshopper - McNeel Forum