Creating ribbed features in Rhino?

What is a smart and easy way to create ribbed surfaces both flat and curved in Rhino?

In a render setting or a highly accurate product model? perhaps something in between? Context matters (tolerances)

Need to be physically modelled in

Hi @Omegaalpha12433
I hope I’m not too blunt, but the majority of the questions you post seem to revolve around fairly simple curves, extrusions, revolves etc. My best advice would be for you to spend some time with the learning materials available for Rhino (many of which can be found here) In this case, one option is to make a single segment of the desired pattern, copy/array it as many times as you need it and extrude. You can even use history to adjust the original pattern and have the copies update, as you fine-tune the original. You could even bring Grasshopper onboard, if you use variations of the same pattern over and over. If there’s a specific pattern that is giving you trouble, don’t hesitate to ask, but “how do you make a ribbed surface” is a very broad question. Be more specific on exactly what part of making a ribbed surface is causing you trouble. Here’s a little write-up on how to ask effective questions; originally made for Grasshopper, but most it is relevant to Rhino as well :slight_smile:
HTH, Jakob