Fluctuating Ribbed Surface

Hi there, I am trying to achieve the concave ribbed profile (like in the attached image) to a model that I am working on. The model is a long transitioning solid seating element. I have tried to apply a multiple curves to the surface which mimics the peak of each rib and then sweeping a concaved curve around but I’m not getting the right results. This is also very long winded and I cant help but think I am going about this the wrong way. If anyone could point me in the right direction with regards to a surface command which may be of use I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks in advance.

Hello- what I would do is make a series of curves that represent the ridges - Loft these using the Straight Sections loft style. Ideally all the curves will be edited copies of one original or have been Rebuilt to the same structure and with nicely aligning seam points.

Explode the results and ChangeDegree to 2 in U.

Select the middle row of control points in each strip and MoveUVN > N to suck them inward.


Thank you very much Pascal for you quick reply, I’ll give this a go.