Blocks in Grasshopper

Lets say I have a number of rectangles. In them I have curves and text. Is there a way to create blocks that contain an individual rectangle + all the geometry within the said rectangle. All of the geometry including the rectangle have to be in their corresponding layers.

I don’t know if that answers your question, but a point could define the position for both your rectangle and your text.
You obviously want it for drafting purposer righ?

All of my geometry is grasshopper geometry. Second, all of it must be on its corresponding layer (Rectangle, curves, text, etc.) I have like 10-20 rectangles like this. I want to automatically create blocks from these and keep the layers as they are.

I don’t work a lot with layers, so I cannot help you much
but I think this is what you want:

Yes it is what I use.

In general you can do anything imaginable with regard instance definitions (blocks) and layers … but using code (C# in my case).

Notify if you need a demo (say: for block placement and/or creation). However if you are not familiar with coding that could serve only as an indication upon what’s possible.

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listen to him!

It sounds like what you’re after should be possible with Elefront.

@DavidRutten As far as i understand in official GH 1 blocks are still not supported?

That is correct. Blocks are awkward objects because their data is stored inside the 3dm file and it’s very difficult to get it out in a way that is sensible.

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Not really all that necessary at the end of the day anyway.

Yes but they are very powerful in terms of multiplicating stuff - for eg. scattering systems for visualization purposes.

They could be implemented only as sth like box geometry for bbox and its transformations using gh tools. I think this isn’t very difficult to do theres no need to get inside block but scaling rotating and moving blocks with gh logic and baking back only one definition copied around is very robust.

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