Making rectangle for curve network

I have a number of curves, I want to know how I can make each block as a closed rectangle.s

Offset each and every curve bothsides by “x”, then shorten each resulting curve by “x” on both ends, then join everything toghether and offset back by “-x”.

Can you attach here your initial curves?

Use Heteroptera Geometric Region

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As a slow way you could make a surface out of the boundary of all of your geometry and than split that surface with the curves. This is what I normally do manually in Rhino in this cases.


Thank you for your help Recardo.Curves.3dm (66.2 KB)

Thank you for your suggestion

It does not seem it works, Can you give me the instruction?

Why so complicated? Baris’ idea works fine with grasshopper. Or I got something wrong?
Ferry (7.7 KB)


You must hide or lock the big rectangle and use the other curves

Which split would you choose? Split With Brep? Cause I could not split with this command. I curious.

got it. that was the problem

Why dont you use the GH file @ferry59 provided?

That is also a solution, I just wanted to understand the logic, so I have taken all the possibilities

perfect, thanks alot