Creating Ramp with different width at certain area

hello, i am trying to create a ramp with different width at certain area of the ramp. The ramp has a constant gradient, but at certain parts i get overlapping faces. Could some one please help! Thanks
Im only able to upload a surface plane instead of the extruded version, the file gets really big once i extrude the surface…

Ramp.3dm (771.7 KB)

Hi Lyon - I am not sure how you are making this but I think if you are using Sweep2, I might set up a bunch of lines like so, with perhaps a couple of ‘Add Slash’ or extra lines where the red lines are:

Another approach would be to cleanup the curves a bit - make sure the segments are all tangent, you should do that anyway - Run SimplifyCrv and then Explode - you can then Loft between pairs of curves: