Creating Path-Floor Category (in Revit) by Using Lands Design

Currently I create path and topo from mesh using lands design on rhino-inside-revit. So, when I’ve done with the path obviously it categories as topo also. The question is, how can I turn the path in topo category to be defined as floor by using lands design? I wanna thanks first before your respond!

Hello @Yoshua_Glibert,

In the files uploaded to Food4Rhino path objects are already defined in Revit in the Floor category. Anyway, if you open the Grasshopper definition “03-PATHS”, you can change the Revit category in the following component:

Just choose the one you prefer and all the path objects will be defined in that category.

In case you are using the _laTerrainAddPath command instead of creating a path object, please, take into account that this command is used to modify the terrain but the geometry will remain as a terrain, it will not be converted into a path.

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