Building Porous Foam structure using grasshopper

Hello I’m just new with Rhino and grasshopper program, just started it one week ago

I’m trying to make a porous structure where I can change the pore sizes so I could run a simulation

where I read the article form this link

" Design and Compressive Behavior of Controllable Irregular Porous Scaffolds: Based on Voronoi-Tessellation and for Additive Manufacturing"

However I tried to follow the steps got really got stuck at the start

the image is below, I tried using almost every voronoi cube in the forums but it didn’t work out so well when I tried to build a mesh, can anyone give me a little help here?



Use 3d Voronoi (12.1 KB)

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Hi Thanks for the reply!!

However I tired this but some points like the below image makes it impossible to build a mesh


Basically I’m just stuck in the first part building a lattice points as below

I can’t find out how to make the below thing in grasshopper, tried to use evalutation but didn’t work out so well

You can use Dendro

and this

Thanks!! I’ll try with this one