Creating mesh from circles


I am trying to create a smooth mesh from 3 circles. ultimately i would like to thiken this mesh as well. Any ideas?

This is kind of the result i am looking for:


but smoother and for rhino

(screen shot taken from archicad using the archicad-grasshopper connection mesh tool)

curves into (6.0 KB)

Divide the base circle with divide curve

Create a closed polyline with polyline

Move and scale that polyline to where your other circles are

Use pufferfish’s parameter loft mesh on your three polylines of equal subdivision.

Do you want some sort of fine quad layout?

curves into (11.3 KB)


wow yup thats what im looking for. Ill play around with it. The fine quad layout is a plus ahahah thanks!

If you want to make it look more uniformly thickened on circular edges, this method will be fine, too. But the actual mesh thickness will vary depending on the position of the circles.

curves into (18.0 KB)


Ill play around with the script thank you this will be very useful for me!