Meshing a cylinder in a specific way

I am trying to generate a mesh for a Cylindrical Dock. I am not very proficient in selecting the parameters which would generate a particular type of mesh.

I want to mesh the bottom of the cylinder as concentric circles as shown in the figure below.

But, in my case, I am getting rectangular regions and triangles at the edge as shown below.

Can someone help me understand how I can achieve the concentric circles in the mesh. Attaching the Rhino 3dm file here. Thanks for your help.

CylindricalDock.3dm (47.3 KB)

Hi Amitava- you’ll need to replace the trimmed plane with a revolved surface as the cap- make a radial line from the center to the edge of the cylinder and make the surface using Revolve…


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Thank you @pascal. That solved the problem.

CylindricalDock.3dm (44.6 KB)