Creating mesh for further FEA analysis

Hi, I’m have problem with creating mesh for further use in construction software. The case is that I have created surfaces but I cannot manage to mesh them that they have common vertices. I think that the issue might be lack of common edge for surface boundaries, so I’m looking for a workaround.

Few screenshots illustrating the problem:

Not possible to tell precisely what the problem is without seeing the file.
Don’t forget to simplify and internalize the GH file. (31.2 KB)
Thank you for interest in my problem, simplified model in attachment. Surfaces which I try to mesh are in pink group.

Hey, check out this topic, there are some suggestions for similiar challange: Mesh for Finite Element Analysis

Hi @w.radaczynski, unfortunately @ing.jdm7 did not shared his solution, he just posted that it works. I tried to use Iguana plugin but without luck.

Ok, I see. Maybe some components from Karamba3D could be useful: 3.9.1: Mesh Breps - Karamba3D 2.2.0
But I’m not sure if there are some good tools for quads.
There are completely different requirements (therefore different algorithms) if you want to create a decent mesh for modelling/visualization purposes or if you create a mesh for FEA.

Maybe this could be a workaround:

  1. Cut the larger surface into parts, so that the parts share edges with the smaller surfaces
  2. Join all surfaces to a (non-manifold) BREP
  3. Mesh the BREP