Creating infills with grasshopper

Hi, i have been some weeks trying to do some gh file to create infill patterns inside any geometry but without any success. I have done some patterns but it only works on 2D curves, if any of you knows how i could solve it i would be very thank full. :slight_smile:

Have you ever considered just to 3d model a single cell in Rhino and just scale and array them in GH. All you do then is to cut it at the objects boundary and keep the shape which is inside the shape. This would reduce the complexity in Grasshopper drastically.

but how do I just it to any type of geometries? with different shapes

You’ll need a closed Brep and somehow a box where you fill it up. It could be the bounding box of that Brep or something the user has to specify. It doesn’t matter what the shape is, unless its a closed Brep. You need it to be closed, so that you can properly cut. I mean it would also work with a open Brep, but then things are getting complicated.