Creating custom slider bank, similar to Galapagos GenePool, with some GUI overrides

I am a designer and developer and am developing a C# based toolkit for a client of ours that is a Grasshopper plugin. Some of the operations we are doing require a simple bank of sliders that behave very similarly to the Galapagos GenePool components. In fact, we are currently using those, because they allow you to write back values to the entire list and then override the values as a user (you can remotely assign values to Galapagos components). I also want to add the ability to know when a user has changed a value on the list, by overriding the color for that specific slider. I’ve looked extensively through the object browser in Visual Studio at the different methods/properties for the Galapagos components but haven’t found anything there that would allow me to override graphic settings on a per-index/per-slider basis.

This brings me to think that making a custom slider bank component may be the best long-term solution given our needs. Granted, there are some GH plugins that allow the generation of custom UI, namely Human UI and Panda. The disadvantage, however, is that we really need to make the software as simple as possible for our client, and having a single custom slider bank component is far better than having to ask the client to install multiple plugins beyond our own. Also Human UI may generate slick interfaces, but it requires a lot of overhead in terms of generating GH scripts devoted to producing GUI when I would rather just cleanly code and package the UI as a component.

I have found very little on this topic, aside from this topic.

I’d love to find some more documentation. Of course, if anyone knows if you can override the graphics of GenePools in the way I describe above, let me know… There isn’t open-source code for Galapagos, as far as I know. I’d love to be able to use such a code-base to develop my own toolkit.


It’s such a specialised problem that there’s little to no documentation for it. You’ll just have to bite the bullet and write some custom attribute code. You can probably rely on the SliderBase class to help out with the really hard bits.

Probably best if you create a test class you can open source with the rest of us so we can help out with specific problems.

Ok thanks. So there is no open source code for the Galapagos tools? Would love to be able to reverse-engineer some things here rather than reinventing the wheel.