Creating circular surfaces into a SCIA plug-in

Hi all,

I am new to programming and I have recently discovered Grasshopper. I am building a parametric design for my graduation project. The grasshopper model is used as input for an FEM program called SCIA Engineer, which has it’s own plug-ins called Koala.

I need two 2D-members, which can be defined by a module in Koala. I have added a file which shows a couple of surfaces, points and an opening. For my project I need circular 2D members. In the file I have grouped two blocks of modules in the top.

The Srf4Pt creates a surface, which is plugged into the 2D member module. You can see it creates output. The cluster above shows my circle, but when that is plugged in the 2D member, it does not work. I’m wondering why this doesn’t work.

Does anyone have a clue how to get the cicular surface in the 2D member module?

Thanks a lot, (19.3 KB)

Hi Ruben -
A quick search shows that the Grasshopper Koala plug-in hasn’t been mentioned before on this forum. It is likely that you will have to look elsewhere for support with this. I see that there is a manual and a support eMail address available on the Food4Rhino page for this plug-in.

Ah I see, ofcourse the plugin has to be downloaded in order to be used. If anyone is interested in the plug-in, it can be downloaded

Thanks anyways wim.