Making disorder hexa grid pattern

I want to make a hexagrid disorder like attached image. But I try lots of thing can not figure it out yet.I hope anyone can help me on this.

Uploading: pattern.3dm… (9.7 KB)

image (3)

The picture shows a voronoi pattern which is based on a set of points. Note not all cells are hexagonal.

In your case I’d suggest to use TriRemesh and use the Dual output. However, also here not all faces are hexagonal. (8.6 KB)

Here’s one way to accomplish something similar by starting with a hexagonal grid:

2022-05-08 11-39-11.2022-05-08 11_42_05 (19.6 KB)

Here’s another, but similar example that uses an attractor curve to control where the hexagons deform more and where less: (24.9 KB)