Creating boxes in the existing facade


I have created this facade using lunchbox. The walls are diagonal to the boxes and I want to make them 90 degrees.

Also, I want to create boxes in the walls after scaling them, so I could place plants in them. Please help me and I am a beginner in grasshopper.

extruded boxes (21.7 KB)


Your base surface is not internalized. Replaced it by a rectangle in XZ plane.

The points for the extrusions were swapped.

For the box here is one way of doing it.
It would be better to build some polylines for each level of the facade as the base for both the panels and the boxes.

extruded boxes (28.1 KB)

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Hello, yes I will try that out. Thank you so much for your help.

is there a way for the extrusions to work when the boxes are curved? I do not want the extra boxes for this.

extruded boxes (25.5 KB)

You can’t use Extude Point in this case.
Close the arc and use Boundary Surfaces. Or Project the arc on the base surface and use Loft.

okay, I will try that. Thank you.