Tubular minimal surfaces branching

Hello! I have this grasshopper definition that I have worked on, that creates these tubular minimal surface like geometries. Now, I would like to further manipulate them so that they can now branch between one to another - see the blue drawing lines on the rhino capture - so that they start to behave like the sticks in the resin box image. Could someone please advise/help? :slight_smile:

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Hi Farah,

I suggest you take look at Kangaroo, Weaverbird, and fattener plugins, which could be used to produce something of the sort, if that is what you are looking for:

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Yes that would be perfect… Thank you very much for your helpful suggestion David! :slight_smile:

Hi David, I have given it a try but it does not look quite like the picture you showed (which would be ideal, and is my aim!)… which is frustrating as have been trying for some time :frowning: could you advise me where I may have gone wrong, or else could I kindly have a look at that file you showed an image of, should you have it, and if you would be so kind to share? :slight_smile:

Hi Farah, here attached a sample definition. k2_minimal.gh (12.4 KB)

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Hello David, thank you so much. I see now that my dilemma was with my kangaroo. This was very helpful - I really appreciate it!! :smiley:

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