Creating Adaptable Closed Dome Skylight

Hi all,

I am trying to create a closed dome that can also have an adjustable height. The current issue is that I am using the pull point command which is taking a central point from a divided surface (the skylight itself). However, when I try to pull the point to create the desired curve it only pulls from one direction (Y-axis) which will leave a hole along with the other direction (X-axis).


Current Issue:

The result I want to achieve:

Skylight.3dm (868.9 KB) (58.0 KB)

surface geometry is not internalized…

Hey Rajeev, I’m not too sure what this means, could you tell me what the issue is? and how to fix it?


the rhino file is made in rhino 7 i cant access
it if you internalize data it be easier to check it out