PullCurve fails miserably on that one

Only half of that SIMPLE curve is pulled to that SIMPLE surface.

240110_PROG_Pull pulls half of curve only.gh (6.7 KB)

And if you project it, you get two “intersections” instead of one,

Hi Joseph !

I also pulled it to the surface in Rhino ; result : 2 curves.
Can’t make a reliable tool with this kind of whacky behavior…

pull_crv_2024Jan10a.gh (14.0 KB)

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Hi @osuire,

I can repeat the issue, thanks.


There is a workaround until this is fixed.

240110_PROG_Pull pulls half of curve only.gh (12.8 KB)

– Dale

Well, thanks, but…

@osuire - here is a V7-compatible version.

test_pull_v7.gh (7.1 KB)

– Dale

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Yeah, I did just that : pull points instead of the curve, then build a curve from these and pull the new curve to the surface.

That’s not what I did (were you talking to me?). I used points on the curve to find a plane, then projected the curve using the plane’s Z vector.

Right ! I meant “the idea” to use points.
In my case, I really need to use “Pull”, not “project”.

You can also (as a workaround) make a copy of the cylinder, trim a longitudinal section out of the far side so it no longer has an internal edge and pull the curve to that. Then delete the helper surface, leaving the curve lying on the original cylinder.

Ho Jeremy. Thanks.
It works indeed.

Automating this is going to be a bit of a pain in the neck though…

Wouldn’t it be easier to re-evaluate the method for creating the curve you want to pull?

Use a line for project direction (and position) and a perp frame to create a section curve to be projected?

How is the result of “pull” different from “project”?

I suppose you know that they are not the same beast…
Here, pull is selected, vs project in red.

No, I don’t know the difference. That’s why I asked. I’m surprised I didn’t post version 10b two days ago, which is the same as version 10a with code added to pick the nearest intersection. The difference between pull and project is very slight.

pull_crv_2024Jan10b.gh (24.0 KB)

Yes, in this case, I agree.
This is part of a tool that deals with steel pipe intersections and the means to oxy-cut them properly for coping. It needs to be quite precise.

How can pull possibly be more precise than intersection (BBX) :question: Which is also included in version 10b that I just posted?

The pull error is ridiculous but this whole issue is starting to sound absurd.

Are you trying to take my job as the angry lad on this forum ?

“angry”, no. Contemptuous and condescending, yes, once in awhile. :wink:


2024-01-12 14_17_01-Window

If the object to project is near to the “target” the difference is small, but otherwise the difference is huge…