Creating a Roof base surface with varied aperture sizes

Hello, I am trying to replicate this one-way frame structure, So was trying to model the base surface with varying aperture sizes which I could, but was wondering if there is another efficient way to define it or condense my script anyway. appreciate any ideas you guys would have!
one way Frame-Horizontal-2 .gh (60.0 KB)


one way Frame-Horizontal-2_re01 .gh (59.0 KB)


Amazing! Thanks Rajeev :grinning:

I have the same solution as @Rajeev2, but as he was a tad faster, I used this opportunity to practise how the Relative Item masks (RelItem) and Split Tree masks (Split) works.

Posted here for posterity.

one way Frame-Horizontal-2 .gh (60.0 KB)

And notice that for each frame, they might share an edge beam with their neighbour. You need to remove them.
This is the easiest way, but may or may not work with your process along the way…


nice one !! thanks for sharing


Thanks! Toni, for showing me how I can achieve the same with the relative item and split tree components, mind blown!

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