Creating a Revit Section from a Rectangle or Plane

Is it possible to be able to create sections with RhinoInsideRevit from a Plane or Rectangle?

The Plane Z direction will be the direction of the section to be Cut.

The Rectangle to be set for the zone of the section to be Cut.

Then maybe to be able to change the section depth (Far Clip Offset) & Section Name.

Project Example you might have 100+ Columns that would need a section cut onto the column face or you might have a concrete core wall of a tower that would need wall sections of each face.

Hi Christopher,

These are the extent of the view components at the moment.


Creating a section view with a python or c# is possible. RevitApi create section is looking for a bounding box for creation, like so. (8.8 KB)

Orienting correctly programmatically is a little more complex.

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Nice thanks @Japhy.

Noticed if I change the Plane of the Boundary Box to the Element that I would like to create a section of would change the direction of the section.

This process will now work to generate all sections in the correct direct if the plane of the bounding box is set correct.

This script only creates a new section & wont update a section :(. So once created you cant change it in the script.