Understanding View Creation in Rhino.Inside.Revit

Create Views with a Plane, Line, Rectangle or Box (but not just any Box, Rectangle, Line)


Hi Japhy,

I´d like to ask a question / favor. I´ve run into issues when creating section views (50+) in existing document. The error comes up as shown below.

If I use the same script in blank document, there are no issues and sections are created.


Could you please hint parameters used in the node, which could be set as read-only in the RVT document?

If you need the RVT file and the script, I´ll try to share through OneDrive link.

Thank you very much.



OK, I figured out the reason.

Sections are not created if Section View Type used for creating sections has built-in parameter “New views are dependent on view templates” set to True.

The solution is to set this value to False when creating / duplicating ViewType.



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Thanks for reporting and following up. I’ll get a bug report going to see if we can handle that better.

Hi @Pavel2,

This is fixed on the todays build of v1.18.