Creating a parabolic form

Hi everyone. I´m trying to create a form like the one in the picture. Does anyone know a simple way to do it?
WhatsApp Image 2022-03-11 at 8.03.02 AM

Hello- it’s a little hard to see what the shape is, exactly but it looks like a revolved surface, trimmed, with the edges ectruded and trimmed or lofted to parabolic curves.


Is there a way you could show me the code in grasshopper for this form? I am learning to construct it in grasshopper in order to change the parameters.

Hi Ana - I guess it depends upon how automated you want things to be - for instance, does the parabolic revolved curve exist or do you need that to be made by GH as well?


I need it to be made by grasshopper as well

Revolve an arc to make an half sphere
Make a circle same as the base of half sphere
Divide this circle with divide curve
Make a parabola/Catenary … passing through 2 consecutive point on the circle (use shift list)
Extrude it toward the center
Cut it

If you want to progress you must search the commands, learn the basics of Grasshopper … Struggling to find command, … is also learning.