Creating a grasshopper pattern

I am new to grasshopper and would like to create a pattern similar to the “Earth’s skin dress” from the Ludi Naturae collection of fashion design Iris Van herpen. Could anyone help me with a script that would allow for the varying geometris and curving lines throughout?

You give credits it is a good thing but it will be useful if you send a link, the collection is huge.

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And read that

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You also seem pretty new to asking questions, but here is the dress in question (I think)

Alot of discourse members will help you. But only a very few will actually write you whole scripts for free. If you show no effort, why should others do? Its common misbelieve of newbies to think Grasshopper does work for you and its just a matter of some clicks. This is basically summed up in the link Laurent posted. You don’t even know if Grasshopper was used. You would be surprised what professionals can do manually. In your particular example it could be a semiautomated approach.

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Something like this I think could do the trick…

Thank you for your reply. Yes I am new to grasshopper, I am a student and have taken one computational course about grasshopper. In that course we learned the basics but also had to generate many scripts on our own. Most of our projects involved coming up with similar scripts to real-life projects many of which are not made parametrically themselves. I am no longer taking that class but am trying to learn more about grasshopper on my own. I saw the collection from Iris van herpen and thought it was really cool and wanted to explore how it could be made on grasshopper. I know rhino very well but am just learning grasshopper. I am very much aware that it does not do the work for you. That is why I have trouble knowing where to start in a project and that is why I asked other people that know way more than myself. I didnt link because the nature of the website to her collection makes it difficult to pick a single creation nor did it really matter becuase im not looking for a specific layout of what that dress is but the nature of the collection which is why i left it intentionally vague. (many of her works are very similar.) I was simply looking for help with starting a script that would do the wavy and geometric patterns that are used in her collection. There is video of her creating her pieces on grasshopper and 3d printing them but whether or not they are all made using grasshopper is unimportant. Parametricism is simply a way of thinking. Not sure what I am not showing effort for, my question must not have been that horrible given that someone was able to give me a start to exactly what I was looking for. [davidsmavrov] I really appreciate your help, something simple like that is exactly what i was looking for to play around with further exploration. Thank you

Thank you so much! This will be a good start that I can play around with. I really appreciate this, I wasn’t looking for anything too specific so this is great!

I have no idea about the VB surface component though. If someone has it it
will be good to post it.

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Always good to seek in old forum