Creating a diamond grid system

Hi everyone,

I have been struggling to create a system that consists of a rhombus that is arranged in the following way:

  • The idea is that the geometry starts from an axis (red line) growing from both sides of the line, being able to:
    • Define a vertical extension length (164.3 in this case)
    • Define x and y dimension of the rhombus.

Thus the quantity of rhombuses will depend on the previously defined variables. And the horizontal extension length will depend on the size of rhombuses and how many are needed in the middle. (in the picture 4 are needed)

I was able to achieve something quite similar to what I want, but I am pretty sure there is a simpler and more elegant way to solve this.

Diamond Grid (26.4 KB)

Why don’t you use subdivision?(Surface or Mesh)… (17.7 KB) (10.9 KB)


my 2 cents: (7.9 KB)

Thank you guys! All great ideas! I think I will end up using Dani’s as it has the exact controls I was looking for.

@Dani_Abalde could you clarify why the reference direction is {0.707107,0.707107,0.0} in the orient component?

It’s the diagonal vector that goes to 1,1,0, but normalized.

There are so many ways… (27.1 KB)

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