Creating a data tree to match another

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example.3dm (96.9 KB)

I have made the “Old definition” to add marks to surfaces (usually curved and usually quite a few). This ofcourse didn´t work too well and took ages to computate because of the poor branch management.

So I made the “New definition” which is much cleaner in both processing and final result. But The old definition had a function where the size of the mark was controlled by the point name and I don´t know how to implement this in the new one. My idea is creating a tree matching with the Crv CP t output and culling it with the same pattern as that t output. Then I would use this list as the Dom imput. (Would this work?)

Thing is I searched for tree creation but I only found warious ways to modify already existing trees. I´m sure this is some of the most basic stuff but I just can´t find the right answer.

I´d be greatful for any help. (12.6 KB)


ObjDet (‘Params | Input | Object Details’) is GREAT! I didn’t know about that, thanks.


Ok, silly me going on about matching trees when I only needed to pair the branches.

Thank you Deer :smiley:

p.s. At least Joseph learned a thing here, hehe.

Actually you helped me too. :crazy_face: :crazy_face:
Learned this today from your post.

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