GH data tree - pairing up the correct branches


I have this setup where I want to decide if a curve from the “marks” layer are to be used to cut a curve from the “borders” layer based on an intersection angle. Unfortunately I have no idea how to match the marks with the intersection points they produce (or more specifically map the parameters onto them). I have added an example to illustrate the problem. I’m sure this is something very basic. Tree management just evades me…

Thank you for any help or hint
ex1.3dm (141.9 KB) (10.7 KB)


Call Elefront’s Graft Parallel to the rescue here.
Assuming there is a minimum angle to make the cut, here is the complete definition.
What to do about this green tag marked Bad… Modify the angle value to suit your requirements. (11.9 KB)

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This works perfectly as intended. I will just have to figure out how to smoothen some rough edges.

Thank you very much. :wink: