How to create drawing from a form

I’m wanting to create a drawing but only using information that is put onto a form (excel or something) so therefore a operator can just input data and rhino will throw out a very simple 2D curve drawing from the data on the form.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

you can import points as a csv file. if they are formatted correct that should do what you want.

I’d rather use dimensions over points can that be done?

Yes, with a caveat.

The file dimensions and values are written in specific cells that you know where they are when you call the excel file in the script. If the user inserts a column, then the values could be thrown off and you will need code to account for that.
If the number of values is variable, say you are constructing an irregular polygon with different side lengths, then you will need to detect the number of likes and work from there.

You will then need to generate the geometry based on those values you manage to read from the file. Might be easier to prototype the script in grasshopper.

Sample Layout

Something really simple like this so they input the dimensions and then rhino can create the shape from the given dimensions.

Would you use rhinoscript for this?

It’s possible. You would have to calculate all the locations of the lines and apply the operations to the curves through rhinoscript. But it is doable.
I would prototype it in grasshopper first just to understand the order of operations of generating geometry from a set of numbers.

python seems a better language option, having looked at certain demos.

something along the lines of:

import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs

plane = rs.WorldXYPlane()

rs.AddRectangle( plane, 50.0, 150.0 )

just need to set the “50.0” and “150.0” to parameters.