Create a parabola by vertex and focus in grasshopper

How can i create a parabola by vertex and focus in grasshopper?


from Rhino.Geometry.NurbsCurve import CreateParabolaFromFocus
a = CreateParabolaFromFocus(f, s, e)
private void RunScript(Point3d f, Point3d s, Point3d e, ref object A)
  A = NurbsCurve.CreateParabolaFromFocus(f, s, e);
} (6.7 KB)

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I’m looking to create the parabola with just 2 points: focus and vertex

You’ll also have to specify where this parabola ends, otherwise you get an infinitely long curve which is not supported in Rhino.

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Super! Thank you so much!

I have tested the script with a custom Cplane (different from XY Cplane) and the parola from script is different from parabola in rhino. parabola.3dm (35.5 KB) (12.4 KB)