Move points in Z axis based on text close to the point

Survey.3dm (14.9 MB)


I have this fine which contains a lot of points with text next to the point which indicates it’s elevation in the Z axis, how could I move each point using grasshopper based on the neighbouring next to the point? (for topography from spot elevation)

Many thanks

the text tags in the file contain also words, so I thought a good first step might be to filter-out non-numbers

then you can connect each point to the closest residual texts, which should be all numbers, and push the result up by their values

there are some situations you need to be aware of, for instance:

  • two points connected to the very same number text, because it happens to be the closest to both:

  • same, but 4 points connected to the very same text-number value:

  • weird stuff going on next to the island:

  • weird stuff going on in general :slight_smile:

final result:

not very sure what I’m looking at :slight_smile: not an architect

this is the definition, maybe it could be the starting point for something more elaborated: (13.0 KB)

Thank you so much for this, it’s exactly what I wanted!