Create Solid using 2 non planar surfaces

I am trying to make a solid using 2 non planar surfaces as shown in the pic.
Is there any way to create this in GH?
I have tried sweep using curves but am not able to convert that into a solid later.
Extrude along isn’t giving an acceptable result as radial (11.2 KB)

How about using Sweep 1?

name radial (12.0 KB)


Another way as I have not the Wood Bagots plugin

name radial (11.0 KB)


got these error when i tried sweep 1

  1. A null section was removed from the list.
  2. At least a single section curve is required.
  3. Data conversion failed from Surface to Curve

Let me give it a try. Seems like a handy plugin

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It is not a plugin, it is a C# script from this discussion

Thanks. Realised later :smiley: