Create a solid from open non-planar polysurfaces


I am trying to create a solid of non-planar surfaces that are open via Grashopper.

Here is the Rhino project:
Uploading: Assemblage meuble -.3dm…
Uploading: Assemblage…

Not knowing Grashopper well yet, I have the track of closing it surfaces by integrating via boundary box, or deconstructing the surfaces into curves to connect them together via a loft.

There are other avenues I’m considering but I await your expert feedback!

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files are not uploaded

Here are the uploaded files :slight_smile: :

Assemblage meuble -.3dm (4.7 MB)
Assemblage (1.7 KB)

create a solid of non-planar surfaces that are open

What does this mean?

I have not looked at your Grasshopper definition yet. The input curves of the surfaces I see in Rhino must have been not very precise.

I’d suggest to draw clean curves in Rhino centered on the World origin. This allows the use of polyar arrays and mirroring on the axis system.

Here’s a rebuild:

Assemblage meuble rebuild.3dm (944.7 KB)

Btw: What license is that?

Interface Name: Rhinoceros 6 (6.25.20114.03572, 2020-04-23) - Non défini, version 2020-04-23 - (compiled Apr 23 2020)

For sure, it was not precise and it was not clear why Grasshopper was involved. It was a file with one component !

The aim is to be able to close open polysurfaces

But the shape is interesting.
Here a script that enable to make this type of shape by just drawing a curve on XZ plane with a point on Z axis ans one on X axis. Just choose how much side you want. And it is solid !!!

Symmetric (13.2 KB)


However, I have turned one of the elements of the object as it was originally in the project
Capture d’écran 2023-04-05 à 14.53.18

Here is the modification:

Assemblage meuble rebuild.3dm (5.0 MB)

Could you tell me how you cleaned up and simplified the lines? Did you vectorise the curves?

Given my old computer I am still under the version (6.25.20114.03572, 2020-04-23).

How would you have proceeded to close these ploysurfaces via Grashopper?

I didn’t give the Grashopper I tried, since I’m experimenting, no result is good, here it is anyway!

test (11.2 KB)

I am impressed!
I’m going to dissect what you sent me

Could you send me your bake in Rhino?

Here is the basic idea in a photo of the project:

Capture d’écran 2023-04-05 à 15.18.41
Capture d’écran 2023-04-05 à 15.18.53

You have the gh file if the curve is not internalized you just have to make an arc and run the script.

I just rebuilt the curves with one circle. Cut it and then lofted two segments.

Assemblage meuble Edited (20.5 KB)

Fun geometry.


And a version to make a “cube”.

You just have to draw 2 curves.

Symmetric (19.1 KB)

Symmetric (17.4 KB)