Extrude or sweep a surface or profile along multiple curves

Hi guys,
Seems so simple but couldn’t get it to work. So I have a profile (surfaces) that I would like to extrude along multiple curves. Although, it works as it’s supposed to in Rhino -in GH I’m unable to get it to work.



My GH def:

File : Extrude:sweep profile.gh (512.6 KB)

Although sweep1 works, some surfaces aren’t swept along the rail. Also, I need the extrusion to be solid. I’ve tried capping the swept geometry, but it’s nowhere close to what I want. I need to do this along 100’s of curves. Sounds so simple, where am I going wrong. Thanks in advance.


I noticed you have several parts duplicated:

and some parts are overlaying:

First of all I would get rid of this.
I often have troubles with sweep in GH. Sometimes adjusting the frame where the geometry sits on the profile curve , so that its closer to the rail curve, helps ( I have not tried that in your case).
Also a second rail can help: