Create shader component

Hello Grasshoppers!

I need to use the ‘Create Shader’ component in one of my definitions, but I don’t seem to have it (only have the ‘Shader’ component with one single input and one output). Could you tell me where to find it? If it is in a plug-in?

Thanks in advance!

Display -->Preview–>Create Material


Hmm, I would like to ask what software do you use to capture this screenshot while holding ctrl+alt+LMB :smiley:


Hello Kim does this work in preview ? For me reflection … Don’t work since a long time

As long as you keep holding down your LMB, you can release your left hand to press PrtSc:wink:

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doesn’t seem to work with Greenshot, I assume default print screen of windows.

Neither do I.:expressionless:

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Grasshopper itself. Ctrl+Shift+Alt+LMB