Region between (non) intersecting curves (convex+concave)

Hey, maybe this is more complicated then it looks: I have a bunch of 2d curves and I´m trying to generate the surface “in between”. Some curves intersect others, some do not. What I tried so far:

  1. Shatter the curves on the intersection points. Doesnt work for all curves because some have no intersections. It´s also hard to shatter/remove the correct curve segments because how do I filter for the correct ones (blue or green?)

  2. Extending the curves first to generate intersection points. Then use Surface-Split component. With a concave shape this generates a lot of intersections that do not represent the correct corner points of the disired shape. The inner region will be cut into many different pieces.

  3. Using the “Region” component of the Fennec Plugin: Doesnt work because all lines have to intersect. By extending all lines first the surface (again) will be cut into several different pieces.

I guess it has to be kind of a two step process where I first somehow connect the intersecting curves, then extend those ones with all the others. Can´t make it work :frowning:

Please help! Thanks in advance!

Related but not working for me: (1.1 KB)
question.3dm (171.8 KB)

Not at my computer but this looks like you could use MCX (Multiple Curve Intersection) component to get all intersection points, then draw a new polyline from those vertices, then get the end points of said polyline, next use pull point to get those end points onto the magenta line, draw lines between the polyline end points and the newly pulled points. Join those new lines with your polyline, and now use the newest joined polyline and magenta line to creat a “Boundary Surface”.

I’ll see if I can mock up a GH script later but if you read this before then give that a go, it should work