Create point cloud from polysurface


I am trying to convert a polysurface (building massing) to a point cloud so that I can import it into a point-based site model produced from Lidar data. So far I’ve only found help going the other way (point cloud to mesh/nurbs).
I’m looking for a method that would allow me to specify the density of the points depending on the desired resolution.


Hello - you can create a mesh from your model (Mesh command) and to a degree control how dense the mesh is by using the detailed controls. Then run ExtractPt or the PointCloud command on the mesh to extract the vertices as points.


Nice workaround, thanks.
Ideally, I could uniformly map points onto all faces of the polysurface and easily control the distance between them. Sounds like I’ll need to turn to GH for this.

QuadRemesh provides a more uniform mesh and allows some control of the mesh spacing.

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