How to generate a plane of a specified size, position and orientation?

I am learning Rhino. Is there a simple method to generate a plane in Rhino of a specific size, position (XYZ) and orientation? Ideally I’d like to use a simple column-based, ASCII file to generate multiple planes?
Thank you.

You would need a small script to do this… The main issue is “orientation”, how do you want to specify it? (for example you can specify a plane by a point and two vectors - origin, X-axis direction, y-axis direction; or 3 points, or…)


Thanks, Mitch. I think using the directional approach would be best for me - usually I’m thinking of planes where they have a dip (angle from the horizontal) and a direction of dip. I’ll investigate the scripting approach.

I can certainly help you with that if you tell me how you want to specify the angles - would that be an orientation from say 0° to 360° around 0 plus a “dip angle” from say 0° to 90° along that orientation?

The file format would then be something like plane origin x,y,z plus two angles plus u,v magnitudes… 7 columns.


Thanks, Mitch. I am going to try your suggestion, and have a go with the scripting (learn how to do it - as I understand it, Rhino-scripting editing isn’t supported on the Mac version, so it would be Python). I’ll start here ( Python scripting link)No doubt I’ll get stuck, and I’ll post back here - would I be able to get your advice then? Thanks.

Absolutely, and there are at least a dozen other active python scripters in here…