Create Multiple Walls by Mass Faces

Hi dear community!
I want to automate the Create Wall by Mass Planar Face.
So I have a lot of diamond shaped Mass Families in project and I need to create the walls for all the Planar side Faces for all the Masses (creating these one by one using Revit UI would be a lot of time…).

I was inspecting the forum in search of solutions and the most relevant topic I found was this one:

When trying to use the @eirannejad custom component I got the following error:

Could anyone please help me to figure out if there is any way to automatically create the walls for multiple Planar Mass Faces? :slight_smile:
Thank you!

Hi Mykyta O,

Can you provide the Rhino & Revit version you are working in?

If possible a small example is always helpful. Thanks

Hi @Japhy ! Please find the RVT, GH files in attachment. The Rhino version I’m Using is:
And the Revit 2023.1 version

Inside you will find the RVT with simple Mass volumes and the GH script with the logic I want to use. Basically its just picking all the masses and getting the non-horizontal faces and I need to automatically create the walls by these faces:

DIAMOND_tmp.rvt (5.8 MB)

Hi @Japhy ! In addition to previous request I also wonder if there is any way to use “Update to Face” function using RiR? So in case we have a lot of Faces hosting the walls and we need to Updated all of them automatically, is this possible? :slight_smile:
Thank you!

Not seeing it available via Revit API, not even as a postable command, so might be somewhere else. I dig around a bit more, that would be a nice feature to have access to.

Hi @eirannejad ! Thank you for sharing your custom Component for creating the Walls by Face!

I think it’s super useful! I wonder if its possible to adjust the Component to work also for Planar Mass Faces? I’m trying to find a solution to create walls by Face using RiR (have a lot of Faces to Host the Walls :sweat_smile: ), but i can’t do Python Scripting to adjust. Maybe you could help with advice how to create Walls by Planar Face of a Mass?

You will need to compute the references, for quicker support specifically Revit API questions we recommend some of the dedicated forums. I don’t think we can go directly to a scripted element reference in this case, although i may be wrong, i’ll poke around a bit when a get a chance.

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The original definition will work if you remove the invalid faces

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Thank you so much @Japhy ! Computting the references got it to work! Somehow I missed that part and was trying to input the faces itself :sweat_smile:
I really appreciate your time and the help, thank you! :pray: